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I'd love to learn a bit more about you, your business or organisation, and what you're looking to achieve.

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My name is Caolan (pronounced "Keelan). What's yours? *

Hi {{answer_19610275}},

Thank you for taking this questionnaire.

This is your opportunity to tell me why you need a website and what the website should achieve. The more information you give me here, the better the solution I will be able to provide. Ignore any questions that are not relevant.

Business Snapshot

What is the name of your company or organisation?

What does your company or organisation do? What are the products and services you offer?

Who are the decision makers for this project?

Who are your main competitors?

Who else is competing for your visitor's time and energy (this may or may not be in your same industry/space).
{{answer_19610275}}, what is the single most important thing that sets your business/organisatin apart from the competition?

What unique competitive advantage do you have that encourages people to spend their time and energy with you? What superpower do you or your business have that is worth celebrating?
What is your ideal launch date?

What date do you really need a new website by? Perhaps it's the start of next season? Maybe you have something else in the pipeline that you want to align to? Or it might just be tomorrow.

I don't guarantee that I can provide you a new website in this timeframe, but it helps me understand the urgency/timing of your project.
What Are We Doing?

Give me your main reasons for needing a new website.

It's helpful to set SMART goals as it keeps all of us on the same page and moving in the same direction (goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound).
What are the top 5 business needs of your new website?

Eg, 20% increase in sales in 6 months, 30% increase in membership this year, reduce admin costs by 15% in 3 months...
Is there anything about your current site that serves you well and if so, why?

Where can we find your current website, if you have one?

Who Are We Doing This For?

A great website connects you with your ideal customer... it's magnetic. To do that we need to understand who they are.
Tell me about your ideal customer.

Who are they? How old are they? What gender are they? Where do they hang out online? What are their interests?
What are the top 5 reasons your ideal customer will visit your website? Or a better way of thinking about this is "what questions does your customer have that you want your website to answer"?

Eg: research product information, get contact details, ask questions about services, pricing, ordering...
Design Concept

How do you want people to feel when they interact with your brand?

Safe and secure? Edgy and excited? Exclusive and cool? Like they belong? As if they just received awesome service or great value?
Do your competitors have websites? If so, list them here so I can make sure yours is better :)

Tell me about your competitor's websites. What are they doing that you think is really working?

Are there any other websites in particular that you like the design of? Why?

Perhaps its your bank. Maybe it's the website you bought those shoes from? Maybe you've just seen a feature elsewhere that really connected with you (and your ideal customer).
What does success look like?

{{answer_19610275}}, if we were to be celebrating a successful website strategy in 12 months time, what would that have to look like?

How many website visitors? How many new leads? How many sales? Be as descriptive as you possibly can.
Is there anything else that you'd like to mention that is relevant in us being able to work together really well?

Your details

{{answer_19610275}}, what is your last name?

Could I grab your phone number?

Include your area code.
Thank you for your information. I'll review it in detail and get back to you shortly.

Cheers, Caolan
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